Palette Pro

Simple Color Capture

So, you're a parent trying to match that perfect color for your daughter's new paint scheme for her bedroom. What do you do? How are you going to match that color she wants on the side of a school bus? Palette Pro is the simple iOS application to solve this problem for you.

Or maybe you are a graphic designer looking to match the perfect color from your clients logo? For the price of a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop you can solve these problems with a couple clicks.

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Easily share your scanned colors with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter. Sharing makes it quick to ask others about your color discovery.

Color Matching

Quickly and accurately use the camera on you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to examine any color imaginable.

Save for Later

Don't worry about trying to remember the perfect color you just found, book mark it and save it for later. Go back and look, remove the ones you don't need. Or..keep them all.

Standard Color Modes

If you need colors for print or the web, no problem. We deliver RGB, CMYK and hexadecimal codes. Just take the numbers and plug them in and you are easily becoming colorful.

Future Proof

We are always looking to enhance and improve our work. Have a need Palette Pro doesn't cover? Let us know.

Questions? Comments? Or any feedback at all, send us an email.